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The language of my work is a collection of images from dreams, primitive cultures and life experience. I draw my ideas and compositions from personal observation, empathy and intuition.

In combining illegible script, geologic surfaces and graffiti-like lines with figures bordering on a neo-Stone Age or proto-Classic style, I explore the point where these disparate approaches to surface and form become one.

I avoid illustrating preconceived narratives or references to a specific time or place. I believe that, in considering art as otherworldly, fantastic or enigmatic, we better grasp its value as a provocative and benevolent vice.

My work has been described as "Pop Archaic." This term was coined to describe the work of artists - poets originally - who used images, characters and techniques from popular culture along with materials from myth, archeology, prehistory and tribal iconography. It also implies that, in archaic settings, popular art can transgress or even become the icon. And that the boundary between the sacred and profane is fluid.

So the satyr play follows the tragedy. The trickster is the myth. Graffiti becomes inscription. And the freakish face is both cartoon and deity.

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Head of a Saint

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Head of a Prophet

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